Honest to Goodness™

A Promise from Silk®

For more than 15 years, we’ve brought you simple, delicious food. And the philosophy behind it is simple, too: Start with ingredients that are grown responsibly, and keep them as close to nature as we can. Today more than ever, we want you to know exactly what that means.

No artificial colors

We keep our foods simple by relying on natural colors, like those from fruits and vegetables, to make sure every one of our products looks just as good as it tastes.

No artificial flavors

When it comes to creating our signature Silk taste, our rules are pretty easy to remember: Only natural flavorings and simple ingredients make the cut.


It’s the legacy we’re built on, and the cornerstone of our commitment to plant-based nutrition.

Responsibly produced

“Responsibility” is a big word, and one we work hard to embody in everything we do, from the way we bring food to your table to the way we take care of our planet.